6 Hearty and Tasty Fall Recipes You Can Try Making at Home


People associate many things with the autumn season. From shedding leaves and a cold breeze to Thanksgiving, this season has many images and depictions in people’s minds. Aside from things you can associate the season with, fall is one of the best times in the year to make warm and hearty dishes. You can make hot briskets or share some pumpkin soup when you have friends or family at your place. But these dishes are not the only recipes you can make during this cold season.

Luckily, there are several easy and savory dishes you can make every autumn. You can even serve some of them during winter, as these dishes, such as savory fall soup recipes, will make you feel warm any day. Do you want to step up your cooking game for autumn? Here are six hearty and tasty fall recipes you can try making.

1. Cream of Chicken Soup

Soups are excellent options to start a feast, and why not kick the list off with a soup recipe to make you feel warm inside? Chicken is one of the many staple ingredients you can add to different soup dishes. From wholesome homemade dishes to high-class restaurant versions, a hot bowl of chicken soup will serve as an excellent start to your meal. Are you craving chicken soup suitable for autumn? If yes, try this cream of chicken soup!

Although store-bought chicken soup is convenient, it can be unhealthy due to its added preservatives or chemicals. But now, you can make a homemade version that guarantees taste and nutrition! It consists of chicken stock, celery, half and half, cooked chicken, and parmesan cheese. Serve it hot for a warm soup suitable for autumn and other cold days.

2. Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Some people may find slow cooking tedious, as based on its name, it takes a lot of time before a dish finishes cooking. But when you put in the effort, slow cooking offers some of the most delicious dishes you can taste. One example is this slow-cooker beef stew, an excellent pick for an autumn lunch or dinner. 

It may seem not very easy to make, but this slow cooker recipe is an easy dish you can make overnight. Enjoy the hearty texture and flavors of chuck roast, tomatoes, pale ale beer, carrots, diced celery, dried oregano and rosemary, and bay leaf. The dish also requires all-purpose flour and vegetable oil. Serve it with a side of potato cooking of your choice and green onions for a hearty meal.

3. Feel-Good Fall Salad

Like soups, salads are great picks to start a satisfying meal. Aside from their nutrition, these dishes are ideal for people who want to enjoy good food without worrying about gaining weight. Are you looking for a salad meal you can serve for any autumn occasion? Try this feel-good fall salad for a nutritious and enjoyable appetizer!

The salad consists of sweet potatoes, fresh arugula or baby kale, peeled avocados, crumbled goat cheese, pecans, walnuts, and dried cranberries. You can also use alternatives such as feta or blue cheese and almonds. The dressing combines olive oil, lemon juice or red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, garlic, sea salt, and black pepper. Once you finish assembling the salad, serve it immediately for a healthy appetizer or snack.

4. Fall Apple and Delicata Squash Salad

Next is another salad dish that offers the same autumn atmosphere with different ingredients and flavors. Aside from soup, many home cooks and chefs use chicken in salads. But chicken may not be enough to make unique flavors. In this case, this fall apple and delicata squash salad offers more enjoyable flavors.

It is hard to have enough of this delicious salad recipe to offer appetizing sweet flavors and crunchy textures. It features delicata squash, brussels sprouts, McCormick® Salad Supreme, boneless chicken breasts, green leaf lettuce, and lacinato kale. You will also need red apples, pumpkin seeds, candied walnuts, apple cider vinegar, and dijon mustard. 

5. Roasted Chicken with Sweet Garlic, Melted Onions, and Sour Orange

An autumn feast is not complete without juicy and satisfying roasted meat. Although turkeys may be the go-to for many households, chickens are also excellent options if you want a filling meal. Do you want a juicy recipe perfect for autumn lunch or dinner? Try making this roasted chicken with sweet garlic, melted onions, and sour orange!

This succulent recipe is an excellent pick for any fall meal. Chicken, garlic cloves, Spanish onions, and zested oranges are not the only stars of this dish, it has flat-leaf parsley, zested lime, peeled yuca, orange juice, and chicken stock. Try serving this recipe with your preferred side dish for a juicy and enjoyable meal. 

6. Pumpkin and Goat Cheese Lasagna

Pumpkins are one of the many staple ingredients you can associate with the autumn season. Aside from being iconic, you can also use them in several meals suitable for the fall season. One is pumpkin and goat cheese lasagna, a cheesy and creamy treat you can serve any day. If you want to enjoy a vegan meal this fall, this is the recipe you should try. It has two main parts: goat cheese bechamel sauce and pumpkin and goat cheese filling. 

The goat cheese bechamel sauce consists of unsalted butter, flour, whole milk, goat cheese, salt, and grated pinched nutmeg. The pumpkin and goat cheese filling requires pumpkin puree, fresh thyme and sage leaves, nutmeg, breadcrumbs, mascarpone, parmesan cheese, brown sugar, and goat cheese. Use breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese when assembling the dish, then garnish it with sage leaves for a healthy and cheesy vegan meal.

In a Nutshell,

Like the other seasons, autumn is an excellent time to serve delicious, filling, and mouth-watering meals. And to make them more enjoyable to eat, feel free to share a feast with your family and closest friends! These six recipes are some of the many dishes you can try making during the fall. For more delicious options, visit

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