AdvancedMD EHR vs Experity EMR – Which One Should You Invest in?


AdvancedMD EHR Software 

Different medical professions may use the EMR and practice management software AdvancedMD offers. You can access patient data using the cloud-based interface from any location with internet access. AdvancedMD EMR reviews show how the software’s various functions and features have changed the healthcare industry. 

One of the complete cloud-based EHR Software solutions is provided by AdvancedMD, which has a state-of-the-art, user-friendly interface and powerful features that you can customize to meet the demands of your practice. Additionally, it comes with several templates for different healthcare institutions. 

AdvancedMD offers a brief overview of each patient’s cards, which detail medications, diagnoses, and an overview of their general health. In addition, you can share educational resources with the patient via the patient portal by adding them to the patient card. 

AdvancedMD EHR Features 


In AdvancedMD, your dashboard provides an overview of your administrative and clinical data. The ‘donut filters’ let you choose what you see first, which might help organize your time. The accompanying donut filter provides access to additional information. Donut filters are also associated with other features such as email for viewing your inbox. 

The AdvancedMD dashboard displays various information, including receipts, prescriptions, clinician notes, images, and lab results. Moreover, when it comes to patient data, the AdvancedMD dashboard has you covered. You can view the dashboard during the AdvancedMD demo.  

Appointment Scheduling  

With AdvancedMD’s appointment scheduling feature, you can quickly add a new patient or select an existing one. If your business has multiple locations, this feature will show you when you have appointments at each one. In addition to calling or emailing patients, this app can also call them to remind them of upcoming meetings. 


As a medical expert, you must never miss a patient’s scheduled visit. The appointment calendar in AdvancedMD software gives you an instant overview of the patient’s record and displays all optional appointment kinds in different colors. You can also switch between monthly, weekly, and daily calendar views. 

In addition, if you have many setups, you can select which position on the calendar to view. Finally, the calendar summarizes the patient’s identification, contact details, and insurance coverage.  


Templates can be a big time-saver when dealing with recurrent, mundane tasks in the healthcare industry. For example, appointment types can be adapted from pre-made templates in AdvancedMD. Also, the templates are adaptable to your individual needs. 

You can add templates using either text entry or shortcut keys. With AdvancedMD’s handwriting and speech recognition technology, you can easily edit existing templates without retyping everything from scratch. You may even link templates with different appointment types so that you can immediately access the one you need when a patient with a specific appointment type comes. 

AdvancedMD Cost 

AdvancedMD is more flexible than other EHR systems. The fully integrated plan from AdvancedMD costs $729 per doctor and includes the EMR system. However, you can also just subscribe to the practice management software for $429 per provider per month. According to AdvancedMD billing reviews, the billing software is worth an investment. Please contact the vendor for more details.

Experity EMR Software 

Experity is a cloud-based EMR, practice management, and medical billing software solution for on-demand care providers of all sizes and specialties, such as occupational medicine, pediatrics, and primary care. You can use Experity’s EMR/PM on a desktop or a scalable mobile device. It offers complete clinical workflow and charting solutions from when patients are registered until they exit. With same-time documentation, more than one person can look at a patient’s chart simultaneously.  

Experity EMR Features 

Revenue Cycle Management 

An EHR solution that includes medical billing and RCM can be a game-changer for clinical practices. Experity EMR thinks that doctors need to be able to relax to give the best care. To grow the continuum of care, keeping your finances in good shape is essential. The Experity EMR solution helps small practices and solo practitioners keep track of their billing in a particular way. Also, it works with the EHR suite to reduce mistakes and speed up clinical work. 

Appointment Scheduling 

You may schedule appointments for all providers and procedure rooms using Experity’s multi-provider, multi-location scheduling features. Experity EMR also allows you to schedule appointments for individual procedure rooms. In addition, the program will enable you to search up previously scheduled appointments, send patients automated reminders about impending appointments, and provide patients with the option to accept, reschedule, or cancel an appointment. During the Experity EHR demo, you will have the opportunity to view this feature in real-time. 

Patient Engagement 

You can get patients to provide actionable feedback and referrals using the Experity EHR system, allowing you to continue enhancing your clinical performance and attracting more patients. In addition, you can actively engage patients by sending them personalized communications, which will increase patient satisfaction. 

Patient Portal 

Experity EMR also has a patient portal that is helpful for you and your patients. It takes care of most of your office work so you can spend more time with your patients. Through the portal, patients can set up their appointments anytime they want. Patients can also call live customer service if they have questions or problems. 

Overall, patients can use the Experity patient portal to look at their medical records, sign paperwork, and pay bills. The patient portal also tells patients about meetings and clinical findings that are coming up. 

Experity EHR Pricing 

Unfortunately, the vendor doesn’t tell the public how much Experity costs. However, you can get a detailed pricing model by contacting the vendor.

Our Thoughts 

Both AdvancedMD EHR vs. Experity EMR has their pros and cons. Please schedule a demo to analyze each software thoroughly. The demo will assist you in navigating through the software in real-time. You can also read user reviews to see what users think of AdvancedMD and Experity EMR software.  

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