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When I was at high school, my parents had a problem with the way they handled their students, so I didn’t have to do anything about that. I could have handled it better.

That is a mistake. There’s no “good” way to handle it.

It seems that in recent years things have become more divided and less cohesive. There are those who think the separation is a positive thing. They say the result is better schools, greater personal safety, and less division. Those who think the separation is a negative thing. They say more conflicts arise, more division, and more people are hurt.

The real thing is that we all get used to the idea that we just let our lives be divided with the rest of us. We can’t imagine that some people feel like we’ve never had a lot of fun running around a party. But a lot of us do. Our family and friends are just like us, there is nothing I can do about it, and I can definitely help.

Yes, it is true that people can get used to the idea of a little bit of division, and less personal safety. But how much harm does this cause? Well, we are all humans, and most of us are not 100% perfect. More people are killed by their own stupidity than any other cause.

We are not all perfect, though. We also have a tendency to think that our actions are in our best interests, so we just need to keep doing what we are doing, and if we are a bad person, then we should be too. But if we keep doing what we are doing, then we have a better chance at survival.

Well, it goes back to our “life is unfair” mentality, but it is true that society is not fair. We have all been taught that our actions should be the result of our own best interests, a belief that if you want something, you should have it. But it is also true that people who do bad things can get away with it because they are a small minority. Many people are more likely to do bad things than not, even if they were a small minority.

Affirm is the act of saying you would like something. It’s a bit like saying you’re going to have a great day at work. We are all naturally biased towards our own interests so this is really just a question of what you think about what you want.

Affirm is a good decision. You are more likely to do something good if you say yes, even if you are more likely to do something bad if you say no. If you don’t need something it is often a better choice to say no. But if you do, sometimes you have to think “Is this something I really want?”.

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