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I always thought of retention as the opposite of forgetfulness. I think now more often of it as the ability to retain things. I know it sounds weird, but I don’t think of it as a lack of recall, but rather as a feeling of “I have something that I can hold on to”.

I am certainly guilty of forgetting things, and have been known to spend many of my days just looking for ways to get rid of them. The fact is that I often find myself looking past my own personal struggles at the struggle of others, and then taking action to help them. One of my former bosses was known for her unkind words and actions, so that made me feel as if I needed to be kind to her in return. The same is true for my personal relationships.

A lot of people get into relationships in order to get their problems out of their heads and solve them. This is especially true for women. Men are often told that in order to be in a relationship they have to put in the work, and in order to be successful in a relationship they have to play the martyr. Unfortunately, this attitude is also a little bit of a trap.

Most of the time it seems to be the women in a relationship that are the true martyrs. They go all the way to the brink, and end up with a relationship with a guy who just wants to play hero. But sometimes the relationship ends up with a man who just wants to make a mess. He doesn’t really care that much, but the relationship just ends up as a mess.

This happens a lot. When people in a relationship get bored with the girl, they tend to go back to their old ways of playing at martyrdom. It’s a form of social suicide. In a relationship, you have to play the martyr, because otherwise, you just end up in a mess. So you need to not just play the martyr in your relationship, but also know when to walk away and when to stay.

In some ways this is the opposite of what happens in the real world. A lot of people in relationships end up just looking at the other person as a potential “dummy.” They see them as a potential “tomboy” who just needs to be held, but they end up hating them for it. It’s a form of mental suicide. You can only do this so long before you make yourself miserable.

In your relationships, you’ll want to spend time with your spouse. A lot of the time, sometimes your spouse isn’t really there when you’re in a relationship. You don’t really have to. So you can always go back and find someone who is more on the positive side. It’s easy when you’re in a relationship and you really don’t know if your spouse is there.

I can’t think of another word that would describe me and my wife in relationship. We’ve been married for six years and I think that’s the longest we’ve ever been together. We both love each other and still love each other even if we dont see each other all the time. The thing is, we feel like we’re two separate people. We dont feel like we’re in love with each other.

People who are happy to remain alone are often those who hold onto something that helps them feel connected to life. By holding on to something connected to life, they are more likely to feel happy, more likely to care about each other, and more likely to want to see the people they love again.

This is what I love about our relationship. We’ve been together for three years, and even though we dont see each other all the time, we still care about each other. We still talk, laugh, and cry with each other. We still love each other even though we dont see each other all the time.

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