7 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your choosing themes


I’ve been in the home decor industry my whole career, so I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen every kind of theme and it all seems to be the same. Every home becomes a theme. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the reality is that it will always be a theme for the home decor industry.

Thats why it is so important to pick a theme that is appropriate. Every home has a color palette that works well with the decor, but you can’t have a color palette that is too similar to your décor and then the entire house will be too similar.

The more similar your palette and décor are, the more difficult it becomes to pick a theme. It really is that simple. If you want someone to like your décor, you have to make sure that the décor is also compatible with a theme.

You can make a theme easier to choose by starting with colors that will work with your décor and decorating around that theme. For example, if you want to have a neutral living room with a nice hardwood floor, then your décor can use the same colors as your hardwood floor to make it feel more like an entryway.

Then once you’ve got your décor, you can choose your theme.

If you want to use a theme, you can mix the colors of your theme (and your décor) with many different colors that are also compatible with your décor. For example, if you want a neutral color theme with a wood grain, choose a wood grain color to make your theme more compatible with your décor.

When you go looking for your décor, check out your room first. You may want to hire a decorator to help you pick out your theme and décor.

We’re not saying that you should go into your home with your theme already set. We are saying that when you do your homework and find a theme that you like, you should use it to help you make your décor work for you. After all, the theme you do choose will be what you put in your décor and it will be in the same color as your décor.

The theme you choose is the same as your décor. So even if your décor looks like a disaster, you will still need to find some inspiration from your décor to make it work for you. When you look at your décor, you can use your theme to help you make it work.

My favorite décor theme is “Doorway of the Gods,” which is the door in my bedroom that leads to the top of my closet. It’s dark purple, and it has the exact same pattern as the door in my bedroom. A close runner up would be “Hangar of the Titans.” It’s black, with a golden pattern in it.

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