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If you’ve been reading my blog for a few years now, you’ll know that I am an author. I write about how to live a healthy, stress-free life while still being able to enjoy it.

One of the things that’s kept me going through the ups and downs of life is the fact that I can work on my own book, and even take it with me when I travel. This is a big deal because I don’t write well when I don’t have someone to proof read the words.

I was recently reading a blog post about a guy named Don Spoto. I cant quite remember what he actually wrote, but the gist of it was that he was a successful author and used to have a high paying job, but after a couple of years of not being able to work, he had a panic attack and lost the job. This is where the blog post began.

Now, I’m not really a fan of Don Spoto. I dont know why, but I have that “something” in me that likes to have my work done in a professional and a professional way. However, I’m not sure I can take the same professional standards that I demand from my clients and write a book. I have a lot of respect for successful people and have been an avid fan of theirs for years, but I think I’m a little more skeptical of myself.

I’m not one of those people. I think I can write a book. I mean, I have a few stories from a few different people, but I have no idea how many of them are true. But I do know that if I had to write a book, I don’t think I’d be sitting here right now.

You read what you like. And that goes for fiction and non-fiction. No one is going to give you the answer to everything. But the only way you can write a proper book (and I mean proper) is if you have a clear vision of what you want to write about. You can’t just go with your gut, so you need to go in with some preconceived expectations.

I think a lot of people who write books seem to have a specific idea of what they want to cover. But, if you write a book that you actually don’t believe in, the ideas and concepts will all be out of whack, and you’ll end up writing the same thing over and over again.

The final step is to use a computer or some sort of computer interface to write a novel. The concept of a novel is also the concept of a story. The novel starts out as a story, but then you also start to have a discussion of what you want to do with the book. You need to have a plan in place to make the book.

Here’s where the problem with novel writing happens. Once you start writing a novel you need to do some preliminary research to answer the question, “Why should I write that?” The answer to that question is actually the answer to all the other questions that you need to ask in order to write a novel. Once you’ve discovered the answer to that question, you can start writing your novel.

The problem you are going to have is that you are going to start writing a novel and your brain won’t know what to do with it. It won’t know what to say, it won’t know what to do with it, it won’t know what questions to ask. It will just be like a blank page. What you need to do is to start asking those questions and making a plan for the answers.

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