15 Undeniable Reasons to Love kfc thanksgiving turkey


This is the one part of this holiday that I love! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE turkey. The best thing about it is that it’s always a hit, and it doesn’t have to change from year to year or from season to season. This year I made this simple yet flavorful turkey sausage and mashed potatoes for the thanksgiving. If you get a chance to make this, it is definitely a must try.

I’ve also been eating them for lunch and dinner lately.

In the video accompanying this recipe I did mention that I was going to use a whole turkey, and in fact the recipe comes with a whole turkey, but if you want to make the turkey with skinless turkey breast and thighs, I highly recommend skipping the skin. I’m sure the texture of skinless turkey is fantastic, but the skin is still a little dry and flavorless.

I’ve been using a whole turkey for dinner for the last few days, so I’ve made the turkey with skinless turkey (the skin is actually kind of like a chicken breast, it makes it easier to eat) and added a little bit of bacon and I think it’s slightly tasty. Now it’s time for a quick side to do the other side of the recipe.

You can make a side without meat, by using turkey breast instead of thighs, but in that case, the skinless turkey breast is not as good. I think it would be better to use turkey thighs.

Using skinless turkey thighs makes the cooked meat a little too wet to eat, and when you cook the skinless turkey they can overcook. If you’d like to make a side and not have to worry about it, look at using turkey leg quarters instead of thighs.

Another way that you can use skinless turkey thighs is as a substitute for the tenderloin. You can make a side without meat, and then cook the skinless turkey with the tenderloin, or you can use the tenderloin in its place, as the alternative to the skinless turkey thighs.

The meat of the turkey usually takes longer to cook. If you don’t have a meat tenderizer, you can use a mandoline to slice the turkey into thin strips. If you can’t get a mandoline, you can use a knife to slice off the skin from the meat as well.

To cut the turkey into thin slices, use a sharp knife to slice the meat into thin strips. If you can get a mandoline, then using a sharp knife, slice the meat into thin strips.

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