The Next Big Thing in no profile picture


This is a real thing that happened and I’m sorry to say that I was at fault. I’ve been getting plenty of emails and comments asking me when I will start posting pictures of myself to my blog. I don’t feel like posting any yet, but I will. I’ll be posting photos of my dogs and cats for the next few weeks.

I mean, it’s not like I’m gonna post a picture of myself in a swimsuit, is it? (I’m not). I’m also not gonna post a picture of myself with a big moustache either. (I’m not). But I do love pictures. I have a couple of dogs that are pretty big, and I like looking at them. If I weren’t posting them, I would have a couple of pictures of my home that I’d like to share.

One of the reasons I decided to start my blog is because I want to show you that I can do this. I am not the most photogenic of people, but I have a lot of really good friends. The reason I don’t have a picture is that I live in a very small town with no internet access. I have a good number of great friends and I think it would be hard for my blog to capture their attention in the same way that my pictures would.

I totally understand. I think a picture is a great way to get people to know you, but the small town with no internet access really puts you at a disadvantage in this regard. People see your photos on your Facebook page, but I don’t think they see your actual face.

I agree. I have a profile picture, but I don’t have one in my blog. I hope that changes soon, because I really want to get some more traffic to my site. Until then, I’ll just have to be creative and keep my real face hidden.

I guess we can’t be too picky. I know some people have their real faces on their blogs, and I know other people have their pictures on their websites. I just like to keep my face out of my writing for now.

Most people would prefer to see their face, and for a good reason. Although, I know some people who don’t want to see their face so they can avoid the weird stares and judgment they get from strangers at airports.

I think there is a difference between being picky and being too picky. While I understand that most people would prefer some sort of public face, I think there is a difference between being too picky and being overly picky. Being overly picky can lead to a lot of trouble and may be a sign of being too picky.

I think it’s worth it for someone like me to have an online identity. I’m not saying that you should give up your personal life entirely and just have an online identity as well. However, I do think that it is important for people to be able to connect, to have some sort of identity, to have some sort of personality.

That doesn’t mean you should be a total blank slate, however. A profile picture is a good idea to put a face to the person you want to be. People are very visual and tend to have very complex emotions, so putting a nice photo of you on your profile may help people connect with you. And, it is also good to have some sort of picture. Having a picture of your kids is also good.

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