How to Explain reddit vs quora to Your Boss


In the realm of web content, Reddit and Quora are two different things. The Reddit website is more like a social platform that provides a community of people who like to share and discuss a wide range of topics, while the Quora website is a more general platform, especially for information, but with a slightly more serious tone.

Both of these sites are actually extremely helpful for getting information, but they have a slightly different feel. Reddit is a more laid-back community, with a focus on discussion, while Quora is more full-on, with a focus on content. As a general rule though, the people who are active on these two communities tend to prefer the former.

The difference is that Reddit is more focused on what to discuss on the site, with threads and discussions. Quora is more focused on what to post on the site. This is because the people who are most active on Reddit tend to be the most committed and outspoken, while the people who are most active on Quora tend to be the most moderate and quiet.

Reddit is about finding content. It’s primarily about sharing information (e.g., how to find a certain product, how to fix a problem, how to fix a bug, etc.), and it’s also about getting your information out there into the open, since that’s what the site is all about. It’s also about being able to share with a larger audience and being able to talk in front of a large group of people.

Quora is much more like a forum, with it’s own set of rules and community standards. You can ask a question and vote the same way you would on a forum, but you can also ask a question and get a direct answer. Quora is a site where you can get a general idea of how the site is run and the best ways to engage with the site. It also has a chat function where you can post questions and get answers from the community.

Reddit is a much more informal, open-ended place where people can share information and connect with each other in a way that is not possible to be done with quora. The reason I like quora is because it feels collaborative in the sense that you can ask questions and get responses from a community of like-minded people. You can also post questions and get answers if you like.

As usual, quora has more in-depth sections like Ask Question and answers. But it is also a site that has more active communities where there are active discussions. Quora is like a blog.

The thing is that the communities are not that active. They have about two million active users and just a few hundred thousand posts a day. That being said, the communities are growing daily and with the help of many other developers, they are making the site very popular. As much as I like quora, I have to agree that the actual information that is on the site is not very interesting. It is just like a blog.

There isn’t much great content on quora, but there is plenty of bad content. Here are a few of the worst offenders: “Faux Pas” is a collection of links to sites which were used to spam you and make you think something is not as bad as it is. There are also sites which get links from the site and post their own links and make you think, “Oh, I guess that site isn’t as bad as I thought.

I’m sure this site is just as bad as any site like this, and I guess I do agree that the actual information on this site is not really that interesting. It is just like a blog and there’s not much good content on it. I think some of the “bad” stuff is just links to the site and the site itself.

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