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It is.

The action of our game is being taken by the other characters, the ‘Visionaries. These are the leaders of the island and are responsible for ensuring that everyone is safe. If they can’t stop the island from repeating, they’ll have to be killed. The island’s current leader, a powerful computer-controlled figure named Ayno, will be our ultimate target.

That’s the same leader that the game is based on, just played by a different character. We see a few shots of her in the game, but mostly from her POV. As our game progresses we’ll also be taking shots of the other Visionaries, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on them.

the island is on autopilot now, so while you can take shots of the Visionaries, you cant take shots of the island, so they have to be taken. You can kill them with your own guns, but this is the only way to get to Ayno (or at least, the only way to get him out of the game). Once you take Ayno out, there will be no way to ever return to the island.

The island is on autopilot from the moment you take it out, so if you want to capture the Visionaries, you first have to take them out. You can do this with a shotgun, or you can use your powers without shooting. The island is like an open-world survival game, it will take you through an area, then you can take a shot at one or more Visionaries and they’ll go down.

The game’s story is told through flashbacks of Ayno’s past before he went rogue. He was a great fighter, he was an assassin, and he died at around the same time as most of the others. The game hints that he was killed by his own team because they were too close to finding out what was going on. Also, for all the people who are wondering why the island is on autopilot, there is very little explanation given for it.

The story is about a group of smartly dressed, well-educated party-lovers who have come into the world to find out who is in charge. The party-lovers are all so smart, they’ve fallen for the evil they’ve found out, and they’re trying to take revenge against the evil that’s left them. The goal of the story is to find out who this evil is, what he’s doing, and how he’s going to kill him.

In the visual above, the action is taking place on the island. That is, they are taking out the Visionaries, but after the destruction, the island is left floating around in space. Our goal is to kill a few Visionaries before they find out who is in charge, and what the evil is doing. The island is also being used in a plot device to give the player a sense of urgency. The island has to be taken down before they kill everyone on it.

You may have thought that the visual above was just a way to show how awesome things are that are happening on the island, but I don’t think so. The visuals above are the culmination of a series of events. That is, the evil is slowly turning the island into some sort of floating fortress which will do the things that it needs to do in order to destroy all the lives on the island.

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