what to do with old potting soil


this week I got the urge to clean up after my garden. This potting soil has been sitting in the basement for close to a decade now. It has been sitting in the soil bin for almost a year, and has been sitting in the soil bin for approximately a year and a half.

Yes, I’m aware that the potting soil will have to be disposed of at some point, but I have never before been so eager to take care of something and then have the urge to clean it up. I find this urge to be somewhat unsettling. You see, this potting soil is supposed to be a part of the garden that we need to be planting again. It’s been sitting in the soil bin for nearly a year and a half. It just sits there and becomes worthless.

I have tried to use this soil as a fertilizer. I have thrown it in my compost and tried to use it as a soil binder. I have thrown it in my vegetable garden, too, but I can’t seem to get the right ratio. I have even tried to use it to fertilize some of my flowers. But, nothing. If I try to add manure to the soil, then the soil will become toxic, too.

Is the soil toxic? Well, the soil that I am currently using as a fertilizer is just about the only soil that I have ever used. I have also tried adding fish meal and some other stuff to the soil to try to get it to work, but that’s not working either. So, you might be thinking I have wasted this potting soil, but actually I have saved money. I have made it into compost and used it to fertilize my weeds.

For anyone who has tried to fertilize their own soil, you’re probably aware that it’s not a good idea. Not only is it full of bacteria, it’s also full of minerals, so the soil becomes toxic. Soil that has been fertilized with fish meal for years without any problem has turned to a smelly mess.

But the good news is, because of this, you can now use the soil to fertilize your weeds. The problem is that the minerals and bacteria in the soil will eat the fertilizer and make it toxic. So after you fertilize your weeds, you may have to fertilize them again. You can fertilize your weeds with a lot of old potting soil. But be careful, because you want them to be happy.

The more you use that potting soil, the more toxic it gets. We’ve been using old potting soil for years, and we’re not really sure what to do with it. It seems like an ideal thing to use up, but the problem is that the chemicals in it are quite toxic. It may be that old potting soil and fertilizer has been making its way to your garden over the years, but the chemicals are still in your soil and in your weed.

That may be true, but it’s also true that potting soil and fertilizer have been making their way to our gardens over the years and are making it toxic. That’s the other problem with potting soil, though: if you have potting soil in your garden, you have a lot of it. We tried recycling it in our garden and it didn’t look good on the plants.

The best solution is to use it for lawns and gardens and to compost it. The problem with this is that you have to dig up it and spread it out every year or it will build up in your garden and cause trouble. The problem with this is that the chemicals are still in the soil and in your weed. We tried recycling it in our garden and it didnt look good on the plants.

So, we had some of that potting soil left over from our first garden and we decided to compost it. What we did was take out a few of the soil and throw it in the compost pile. We were able to get it to compost nicely, and this is the first time I have ever seen a potting soil compost nicely.

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